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Dissemination Αctivities


Dr. ArtemiosG. Vogiatzis (ISI) edited the  (ISI) «The quest for a killer app for delay-tolerant networks (DTNs)» issued in the chapter «Advances in Delay-tolerant Networks (DTNs) - Architecture and Enhanced Performance». It was issued by the Woodhead Publishing House (an imprint of Elsevier) and was published in October 2015

The scientific work «DynamicCargoRoutingon-the-Go: TheCaseofUrbanSolidWasteCollection» of AG Vogiatzi, I. Gialeli and D. Karadima (ISI) was submitted and accepted for presentation at «The 2ndIEEEWiMob 2014 InternationalWorkshoponSmartCityandUbiquitousComputingApplications» (SCUCA 2014), which was held in Larnaca, Cyprus, in October 2014. The work is included in the conference «10th IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications ».

Asimakopoulos George, Christodoulou Sotiris, Gizas Andreas, Triantafillou Vassilis, Tzimas Giannis and Vasilopoulos Nikos (2014). FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATIONS AND ARCHITECTURE OF A DYNAMIC ROUTING SYSTEM FOR URBAN WASTE COLLECTION USING REAL-TIME INFORMATION. IADIS 13th International Conference on WWW/Internet, 25-27 Oct 2014, Porto, Portugal, pp. 203-210.

Asimakopoulos George, Christodoulou Sotiris, Gizas Andreas, Triantafillou Vassilios Gialelis John and  Voyiatzis Artemios (2014). ARCHITECTURAL MODULES OF A DYNAMIC COLLECTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OF URBAN SOLID WASTE. International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS2014), 19-22 November 2014, Patras, Greece.

The article «Dynacargo: An Urban Solid Waste Collection Information System» ,A.G. Voyiatzis and J. Gialelis (ISI) submitted and accepted for publication in the journal ERCIM News (http://ercim-news.ercim.eu/) of  organization ERCIM, part of INVIS. The ERCIM News is distributed to Europe's research performance and globally in print (print run: 4,500 issues) and electronic form (about 7,500 subscribers).

The scientific work «Architecture and Implementation Issues, Towards a Dynamic Waste Collection Management System» of C. Asimakopulos, S.. Christodoulou, A. Giza B. Triantafyllou, C. Tzima (Western Greece TEI) and C. Gialeli, AG Vogiatzi, D. Karadima and A. Papalambrou (ISI) was submitted and accepted for presentation at «WWW2015 Workshop on Web Data Science and Smart Cities» which took place on May 19, 2015 in Florence, Italy.

The scientific work «AVersatile Scalable Smart Waste-bin System based on Resource-limited Embedded Devices» of A. Papalambrou, D. Karadima, C. Gialeli and AG Vogiatzi (ISI) was submitted and accepted for presentation at the «20th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation» which takes place from 8 to 11 September 2015 in Luxembourg.

The scientific work «Towards a Dynamic Waste Collection Management System using Real-time and Forecasted Data» of C. Asimakopulos, S.. Christodoulou, A. Giza B. Triantafyllou, C. Jima, E. Vienna (Western Greece TEI) and C. Gialeli, D. Karadima, A. Papalambrou (ISI) was admitted to «IPMSC 2015 - 2nd Workshop on Innovative European Policies and Applied Measures for Developing Smart Cities (IPMSC2015)» carried out within the «16th EANN Engineering Applications of Neural Networks Conference - EANN 2015» 25 to September 28, 2015 in Rhodes.

Other Dissemination Activities

Dr. Artemije C. Vogiatzis (ISI) participated at the invitation of the final event (final event) spillovers project SPICE (Space Internetworking Center), which was funded by the EU (FP7-REGPOT). The event took place in Xanthi on 10 June 2014. Dr. Vogiatzis as one of the guest speakers spoke on «DTN Systems», as part of which was presented and the use of DTN technology to work Dynacargo. He also participated in the panel «Applications of DTN», which extensively presented his work Dynacargo, as a good practical application of DTN. On the sidelines of the event were informed about the project representatives of agencies such as the US NASA and the University of Bologna in Italy and project ALPINE, which is funded by GSRT under the Synergasia Programme 2011.

Dr. John Gialelis (ISI) was involved in the event of Cisco Connect Greece 2014 where she renovation intervention for DynaCargo project in session: "Cities Transformation; IoT as a key technology enabler ".